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Vetplus works in close association with nutritionist Dr. Brad Hampton and renowned veterinary surgeon Dr. Kim Rose for product development and research. As owners and directors of Advanced Feeds, Western Australia's leading manufacturers of equine vitamin and mineral supplements, they provide professional expertise in nutrition and feeding programs for various disciplines.


Vetplus uses various Advanced Feeds mineral, vitamin, trace mineral premixes in our horse feed products, each specially formulated to suit particular feed type, from racing performance to spelling mix. With their extensive background in the industry, Dr. Brad Hampton and Dr. Kim Rose play an important role in Vetplus moving forward and the continued production of quality products.


Our continuous R&D efforts have proven to be pivotal for our success in horse feed production. As each horse, breed and type has a different body biology and different climates, equestrian disciplines and requirements determine the horse's health and nutritional balance, the development of horse feed relies on extensive knowledge and experience in each field.


Our formulas have been developed, tested and improved over the last 20 years by our Equine Veterinarians in consultation with Horse Trainers, Professional Riders, Animal Nutritionists and leading horse breeding farms. We are in continous dialogue with our clients and feed experts around the world in order to study and explore all medical aspects around the horse.


Vetplus' ability to produce fresh products, has been in particular beneficial for the production of "Sweet Feeds". Sweet Feeds have dominated the Equine Feed markets for the last decade and are scientifically formulated feed mixes of grains and ingredients that provide highly digestible forms of energy for exercise and protein to build muscle and blood cell production.


We are happy to share our findings and provide you with our knowledge and experience. Please feel free to browser through our Medical Archive and read up on the newest research and studies.